LightStream Wi-Fi Hotspot

The LightStream distributes Gospel media onto phones using 3 methods: Wifi, MicroSD Cards, and Bluetooth. The LightStream creates its own Wifi network that people can use to access its library of media.

Wi-Fi Hotspot
Power on the LightStream Pocket and nearby smartphones can connect to its WiFi hotspot and browse through the “Netflix-like” user interface to stream or download the media stored on the device.

SD Card Copying
Billions of phones all over the world use microSD cards to view files. The LightStream can copy its entire media library onto microSD cards, which can be shared with people even in the most remote regions. The LightStream can also lock microSD cards so that content cannot be deleted off of them. Since both smartphones and dumb phones use microSD cards, you can even reach people with phones that can’t get on WiFi.

For a comparison of the LightStream Pocket, compared to other Wi-Fi media boxes, please see Which Wi-Fi Media Box?

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