Bible Reading

Bible Reading

One-to-one prayer and Bible reading

Colin Marshall
If I had to hazard a guess as to how many Christians engage in one-to-one Bible reading and prayer, I would say less than 1%. I have no data on this; it's just a hunch. This seems strange if it…
August 31, 2009
Bible Reading

Why Christians Read Their Bibles Poorly

Gordon Fee (2005)
We miss a great deal of the New Testament... because we are so poorly informed about the Old. And the point to make here is that the first readers of these New Testament documents, those whose heirs we have become,…
August 20, 2009
Bible ReadingDigital


Daily multimedia Bible experience from Scripture Union
WordLive is for people who want to meet with God in fresh ways and to engage with the Bible. WordLive is created and maintained by Scripture Union. At the heart of what we do is to try to present the…
July 30, 2009
Bible Reading

Unleashing the Word

Rediscovering the Public Reading of Scripture
Max McLean, Warren Bird (2009)
"Modern society is awash in words. An auditory tidal wave cascades from our televisions, radios, media players, and the Internet. Today’s distracted worshippers often feel spiritually shortchanged when the Scriptures are spoken without passion and power. This lively and encouraging…
June 18, 2009
AdvocacyBible Reading

Essential Bible Blog

Ideas for igniting a Bible reading revival one person, one church, one community at a time
What’s the best way to read the Bible? Many people think it’s something like getting up real early every day and intensely reading the entire Bible every year... But is the pre-dawn snow plow routine really the best way for…
May 7, 2009
Bible ReadingMeditation and Prayer

Bible Reading Start-up Guide

Practical help for enjoying God’s Word every day
Whitney Kuniholm
Too often, we take a purely intellectual approach to the Bible. We think that studying more and more will somehow make God’s Word come alive. Of course, it’s valuable to gain Bible knowledge and to learn biblical truth. But the…
April 25, 2009
Bible Reading

Six Steps to Reading Your Bible

Training for small groups with DVD and workbook
Tony Payne, Simon Roberts
Whatever your current Bible reading habits (or lack of them), and whatever your level of knowledge and confidence, Six Steps to Reading Your Bible will help you make progress in getting into your Bible. The course is especially designed for…
March 27, 2009
Bible Reading

E100 Challenge – Bible reading program

Develop a daily Bible reading habit
"The program works because it is a personal challenge designed to develop a daily Bible reading habit, it can be done in community as a small group or as a whole church, it is achievable and it is flexible." The…
February 2, 2009
Bible ReadingDigitalFilm and Video

The WatchWORD Bible

A video-text Bible product
"My daily appointment with my Bible has come alive since I discovered this video Bible. God not only speaks to me as I see the words of scripture but hearing them read keeps me concentrating." The WatchWORD Bible is an…
November 24, 2008