The Cape Town Commitment: We Love God’s Word

Lausanne Movement (2010)
The role of Scripture In Mission was a special focus at the Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization, Cape Town 2010. The Cape Town Commitment is a statement to follow on from the Lausanne Covenant (1974) and the Manilla Manifesto…
January 26, 2011
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Colocando a Bíblia em Ação

Como tornar a Bíblia relevante para todas as línguas e culturas
Harriet Hill, Margaret Hill (2010)
This is the Brazilian Portuguese version of the book Translating the Bible into Action by Harriet Hill and Margaret Hill. A tried and tested resource that encourages meaningful Bible use in multi-lingual contexts through both written and oral media. Includes…
August 24, 2010

Bible Engagement: a process

Harriet Hill (2010)
"Are you stuck along the way of engaging with the Bible? If so, where? Why? If you're involved in ministry, are the people you work with stuck? If so, where? Why?" Scripture Engagement can be seen as a process: Bible…
April 27, 2010
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Eight Conditions: a summary in French

Huit conditions pour l’utilisation des Écritures
Wayne Dye
This is a 7-page summary in French of Wayne Dye's "Eight Conditions of Scripture Engagement". The awareness of the contribution of each of these eight factors can help in developing strategies to promote the use of God's Word. For a…
February 24, 2010


Encouraging Christians in the UK to engage with the Bible
BibleFresh was a joint initiative which aimed to encourage and inspire churches across the UK to make the most of the year 2011, empowering Christians to a deeper level of engagement with the Bible. The initiative brought together nearly a…
February 10, 2010

The Bible in the future

What future is there for the Bible in our churches?
Henri Bacher (2009)
"The greatest difficulty is no longer distribution, but appropriating the content of the Bible... There is a need to teach believers to meditate and, as in any learning process, you have to give regular booster injections if you want people…
February 1, 2010
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25 Ways to Engage the Bible

Ron Forseth (2007)
Of this I am convinced: This side of heaven there is nothing more wonderful we could ever hold in our hands or engage with our minds than God’s Word as given to us in the Bible. The author describes 25…
September 15, 2009

CABTAL Church Relations Initiatives

It is important for all of the local churches to be increasingly implicated in the translation project for the following reasons: It ensures that the translated Scriptures will be used after the New Testament’s publication, so that there will be…
September 13, 2009