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MicroPi WiFi Multimedia Server

Share files offline
The MicroPi exploits the tiny RaspberryPi Zero W microcomputer. Similar in function to devices like the BibleBox, ConnectBox and Lightstream Pocket, it operates as a portable website, permitting the sharing of files with WiFi enabled devices in places not served…
October 23, 2019
DigitalMarketing and Distribution


The Worldwide Directory of Bibles in every Language
Find-A-Bible is built to increase the Bible's accessibility and aims to facilitate access to God's Word in the languages of the world. It is a collaborative project of the Forum of Bible Agencies International (FOBAI), designed and maintained by the…
October 1, 2019
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Mission Media U

Mission Media U is a mentored, online training platform designed to help Christ-followers be more effective in making disciples and establishing churches by using media, story and innovative technology. Mission Media U is offering the following courses: Foundations of Media…
September 28, 2019
DigitalMarketing and Distribution

Scripture Earth

Scripture Resources in Thousands of Languages
On the Scripture Earth website, you can search for a language by name or country and find a list of available Bible resources. This includes links to apps, online text and audio, PDF documents, films and Bible story videos. The…
September 11, 2019
Strategic Planning

The Eight Conditions Questionnaire

Evaluating the conditions for Scripture Engagement
David Gray (2019)
This questionnaire takes you through each of Wayne Dye's Eight Conditions of Scripture Engagement, asking questions to help you evaluate a particular context. It is available to download as Word documents in both English and French. The process of filling…
July 24, 2019
DigitalMarketing and Distribution

Facebook Ads for Scripture Promotion

How to leverage the power of Facebook Ads to promote the translated Scriptures and other Scripture media
This is a series of eight training videos, showing you how to use Facebook Ads for Scripture promotion: Introduction and Vision: This video introduces the concept of how Facebook ads can be used to promote the availability of the Scriptures…
May 22, 2019
DigitalMarketing and Distribution


A Portable Media Distribution Device
ConnectBox is a self-contained, self-powered, WiFi based portable media distribution system. It allows users to create a full featured ‘digital library’ from which media (text, video, audio, applications) can be shared on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops in an off-the-grid…
February 2, 2019
DigitalMarketing and Distribution

Social Media for Missions

An Introductory Guide
Social media can be a forum for engaging with the Scriptures, as well as being a place for promoting Scripture products and Scripture engagement resources. The Mobile Ministry Forum (MMF) has assembled a guide that takes you through what you…
December 15, 2018