State of the Bible 2021
Publisher: American Bible Society (2021)

From the online church revolution to socially-distanced small groups, the landscape of Christian faith and worship in America has been deeply disrupted in the past year. The strain of the ongoing pandemic and civil unrest in our nation continues to alter every aspect of life including personal relationships, church participation, and engagement with Scripture. However, despite the troubles we are experiencing, there are signs of hope and great opportunity when it comes to the Bible…

The State of the Bible 2021 research report from American Bible Society is now available and can be downloaded as a free ebook.

Chapters already available include:

  • The Bible in America: 2021 Trends
  • Finding the New Normal

Other chapters will follow, including:

  • Hope for the Hurting
  • The Good Life
  • Generation Z
  • Good Neighbors
  • The Bible and the American Church
  • The Bible and the Military and The Bible, Money and Generosity
  • The Year in Review
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