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The Little Phone That Could: Mobile-Empowered Ministry

Keith Williams, Leith Gray (2010)
"What we had failed to notice was that these nomads already had media players—their mobile phones! They were using them to listen to music and poetry as well as view videos. This realization changed our strategy, so we now start…
October 8, 2010

The Emergence of Audio-Scriptures in Church and Mission

Viggo Søgaard (1995)
Need orientation is very important for audio-Scriptures and with that follows careful research of the intended audience. When the apostle Paul spoke in a synagogue, he could freely quote from the Old Testament, but when he taught the Gentiles in…
August 17, 2009

Dependence on Literacy Strategy

Taking a Hard Second Look
Herbert Klem (1995)
It is possible that the literacy based approach as applied in non-reading communities reaches best those who most want to escape from the traditional culture into the modern world of wealth and technology, but it may not be successful in…
August 17, 2009
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The Eight Conditions of Scripture Engagement

Social and Cultural Factors Necessary for Vernacular Bible Translation to Achieve Maximum Effect
T. Wayne Dye (2009)
The listing of these Eight Conditions or eight categories of factors used as a tool for evaluation can prevent surprises and help the church, missionaries, and Bible translators alike to focus on those activities that are likely to have maximum…
July 14, 2009
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Relational Bible Storying and Scripture Use

Making the Story Meaningful
Jack Colgate (2008)
Thankfully, many resources and materials for Bible storying are now available. As I began to review and use these resources, however, it seemed that the relational context of Bible storying was too seldom addressed. Even in my own ministry, when…
April 1, 2009