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DigitalFilm and Video

The Visual Storyteller

Using oral translation and digital media to engage local communities with Scripture
Kris Toler (2018)
Our hope is not just to have entertaining videos of Bible stories in the local language. Our aim is to use these videos as a strategic tool in the overall project, which includes digital books as well as traditional print…
October 9, 2019
Film and Video

37 Stories

Animations of the Parables of Jesus
We are committed to being faithful to the stories as narrated by Jesus. These are God’s stories for the world and for all generations. They are entrusted to us not to muddle with them, but to faithfully expound and retell…
October 7, 2019
Film and VideoUnderstanding Scripture

Bible Backgrounds

Video Templates from SIL International Media Services
Beautiful photographs of Holy Land scenery and aspects of lifestyle and customs of Bible times. Templates contain photos, music, and scripts allowing the translator to produce a video in their own language. Bible Backgrounds is a resource tool based on…
October 5, 2019
Film and Video

Create International

Create International is a communication ministry of Youth With A Mission which seeks to “Declare God’s glory in all the world” through producing and distributing indigenous media resources, to initiate and strengthen evangelistic and church planting efforts among the remaining…
September 27, 2019
Film and Video

Mbretëria: The Kingdom

A Tale of Two Sons
"Fatmir, a pampered vineyard owner’s son, hopes to make a name for himself. Sponsoring a smooth-talking artist, he’s swindled and loses everything. Haunted by his brother’s words of failure, Fatmir is determined to prove him wrong. Yet things go from…
April 17, 2019
Film and VideoResponding to Needs

The Global Gospel

Felt Needs Marketing For Finding Spiritually Seeking Individuals
The Global Gospel is an animated video series. Bible stories are chosen to respond to the felt needs of forgiveness, love, acceptance, significance and security. On the website you will find videos, discussion questions, and ideas for ad campaigns. Here,…
April 7, 2019
Film and Video

The Lost Sons

Set in modern Central Asia, Safar Murod takes a reckless journey to discover himself — only to be rejected by his new friends. Penniless, he ultimately learns the true value of his life when his father forgives him and lovingly…
March 25, 2019
Film and Video

The Lost Jewel

The culturally-rich Yaghnobi people of Tajikistan have a way of life that’s full of tradition. Forty days after the death of her husband, friends and family come to visit a Yaghnobi widow to honor his life. As she recalls her…
February 25, 2019
ChildrenFilm and Video


Animated Bible Stories for Kids
"Superbook is so much more than entertainment for children. Where these animated episodes end, life-changing stories begin." Superbook is the Bible brought to life through animation — a timeless form of storytelling — to introduce children to Jesus and help…
November 2, 2018