Program Planning

Strategic Planning

Towards the dedication

'Vers la dédicace' planning and discussions in DRC
Bettina Gottschlich (2009)
The dedication of the New Testament should be a wonderful celebration, but it should also be much more than that. It is about a change of mind, heart and life, individually as well as corporately. This article describes ongoing language…
April 14, 2009
Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning and Scripture Use

Integration of Results Based Management and Conditions of Scripture Use
Carol Jean Gallagher (2009)
"What should we be doing in our language program for Scripture Use?"... Too often, the decision is made based on what the team members enjoy or are good at, what an outspoken individual in the language group is asking for,…
February 11, 2009
Strategic Planning

Global Missiology

Global Missiology is a quarterly publication of contributions from international researchers, practitioners and scholars who have a global perspective. Articles are available for free download in English, Chinese, French, Spanish and Portuguese.
January 24, 2009