Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Checklist for Scripture Engagement

Margaret Hill (2011)
What kinds of resources and activities would be good for promoting Scripture Engagement in language communities around the world? This checklist was put together at a seminar in Nairobi, Kenya, in August 2011. I hope it will be useful as…
November 22, 2011
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Eight Conditions: a summary in French

Huit conditions pour l’utilisation des Écritures
Wayne Dye
This is a 7-page summary in French of Wayne Dye's "Eight Conditions of Scripture Engagement". The awareness of the contribution of each of these eight factors can help in developing strategies to promote the use of God's Word. For a…
February 24, 2010
Strategic Planning

Missiology: An International Review

Missiology is the quarterly journal of the American Society of Missiology. It began publication in 1973, continuing in the tradition of its predecessor Practical Anthropology. According to their website, Missiology is one of the premier scholarly journals of mission studies,…
July 30, 2009
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The Eight Conditions of Scripture Engagement

Social and Cultural Factors Necessary for Vernacular Bible Translation to Achieve Maximum Effect
T. Wayne Dye (2009)
The listing of these Eight Conditions or eight categories of factors used as a tool for evaluation can prevent surprises and help the church, missionaries, and Bible translators alike to focus on those activities that are likely to have maximum…
July 14, 2009
Strategic Planning

Towards the dedication

'Vers la dédicace' planning and discussions in DRC
Bettina Gottschlich (2009)
The dedication of the New Testament should be a wonderful celebration, but it should also be much more than that. It is about a change of mind, heart and life, individually as well as corporately. This article describes ongoing language…
April 14, 2009