Kande’s Story

Kande’s Story
How a community can love and care for people affected by AIDS

Learner’s Book and Facilitator’s Manual
A story-based, Biblical approach to AIDS prevention and care

Worldwide there are nearly 33 million people infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Many of those do not know they are infected with HIV and will eventually die of AIDS. Kande’s Story is a true-to-life story based on accounts told by an African pastor about children in his community. Kande is a 12 year old African girl whose father and then mother die of AIDS. She and her five siblings are left orphans and must fend for themselves. The story tells of the many problems and dangers they face just trying to live. It tells how people in their community, especially people from the local church, helped them in their time of need. They also learn that by following God’s instructions for living, they can avoid getting AIDS themselves or spreading it to others. They learn how to love and care for those affected by the disease, working for justice for widows and orphans.

The ‘Kande’s Story’ materials and resources consist of:

  1. a student book with story and illustrations;
  2. a manual for the facilitators with story, medical facts and Bible studies;
  3. a sample audio-visual presentation of story and song in a local language
  4. electronic files of the books for printing copies or making translations into new languages;
  5. teaching helps describing program and workshop design;
  6. stories of impact from communities where materials have been taught;
  7. a list of the languages in which the materials have been translated;
  8. a license to publish translations of Kande’s Story.

The materials, translated into the language spoken in a given community, are to be used in conjunction with Scriptures in that language. They are intended as tools to help communities become aware of HIV and AIDS, how to prevent their spread, and how to care for people affected by them. Currently the Kande’s Story books have been or are being translated in part or whole into 228 languages, mostly in Africa.

Adapted and Authored by: Kathie Watters and Margaret Hill
Published by: Paulines Publications Africa, Nairobi 2006, 2007, 2009 (www.paulinesafrica.org)
Original story from Shellbook Publishing Systems (www.shellbook.com), used with permission.
Electronic Versions Revised 2012 (English and French).

Where can we get the materials?
Kande’s Story Learner’s Book and Facilitator’s Manual are available in English hard copy from Paulines Publications Africa. They are available electronically on this site in PDF format in English, French and Spanish for viewing.

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